The step-by-step plan

Nº 1

Contact us - Sit down and relax

To get started, contact us by phone, email or fill out our online form. If you would like to talk to us personally, feel free to drop by our office. Note: As always, an appointment is completely without obligation.

meet up

Nº 3

House intake

We will visit your rental property to take over your property and make a (free or professional) photo report and discuss the appropriate rental price with you. Important matters such as rental conditions, the process and the options are also discussed with you.


Nº 5


The prospective tenant will accompany our real estate agent to view the property. After this, the prospective tenant is taken to our office to have a follow-up interview if they are interested in the property.


Nº 7

Rental agreement

When you accept the aforementioned documentation, the prospective tenant will be informed and the rental agreement will be drawn up by us.