Selling your house

The Real Estate Company would like to be your sales agent. When it comes to sales, we are the best partner. The Real Estate Company proactively knows how to bring the best parties together. We mediate extremely accurately and with care for the desired result. We do this in the personal manner that we are known for. We will get to know you and assist you fully during this exciting time, so that selling your home is worry-free. We unburden you, have a clear working method and advise on how and when you can best put your house up for sale. With a realtor working for you, you have higher selling profits and avoid legal surprises. A realtor is essential, especially in a complex market such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

What can you expect from us when selling your home:

  • Determining the asking price
  • Recording and photography of your home
  • Large network of investors
  • Presentation of your home on our own website and
  • Arranging viewings
  • Conducting negotiations in close consultation with you as a seller
  • Supply of documents to the notary
  • Inspection of your home before the notarial transfer
  • Guidance up to and including handing over the key

Step-by-step plan

  1. Determining value
    Our work for you begins with the valuation of your home. This does not have to be an appraisal. A validated home appraisal is only necessary for your mortgage. Based on the valuation, we make a proposal about the manner in which we can market your house. We look at other sales in the area, the condition of your house, the neighborhood in which you live and access the current market.
    The Real Estate Company is a full-service agency and within these services we also provide you advice on small styling projects or bigger renovations. Styling and renovations will allow for achieving a significant higher selling price. These projects can either be carried out by you as home-owner or us as agency can fully assist you and complete the work for you. We will unburden you and take everything out of your hands.
  2. Property Presentation
    How your home is presented is crucial. We work very hard on realizing the perfect advertisement in combination with the right marketing. Catchy advertisement texts, appealing photography and floor plans in 2D and 3D, so that interested parties get a good impression of your house. A sales sign is of course included and if you want, we can set up a (drone) video, artist impressions, 360 degrees photography, have your property presented in the video by a presenter, mini website for the property, promotions and digital viewings - and don't forget about our furnishing and styling services. Furnishing and/or styling your home can significantly increase the selling price of your home. The Real Estate Company works with its own professional team that specializes in the furnishing and styling of properties for sale.
  3. Network
    Get a real estate agent with a large network! A real estate agent needs to know who the clients are, what they are looking for, when they are looking and what potential buyers are willing to pay. Real estate is a people business. We have been expanding our network since 1995.
  4. For sale
    Funda is the best known and largest home search site in the Netherlands with an enormous reach. The more reach, the more viewings. We know what photos are best to use and which kinds of texts entices you to continue reading. We process and schedule the requests for viewings that we receive via Funda and other platforms. In addition, we have a large network of investors, purchase brokers and home seekers of 25+ years, to whom we offer the home, as well as on social media!
  5. Viewings
    We take every viewing seriously. After all, they could be the buyers of your home. You ensure that the house is ready and clean, we provide a warm welcome, good explanation and viewings that give those interested a warm feeling. We know all the ins and outs of your home, so we can answer the questions of the interested buyers and help them imagine themselves living there. We will let you know how it went after each viewing.
  6. Sold
    The interested party wants to buy your house and makes a proposal. We advise you, you decide whether you agree. We point out possibilities and options and help you set up the energy label. We communicate with the buyers on your behalf. When the buyer and seller have agreed, we draw up the purchase agreement and deliver it to the notary. Congratulations! We ensure that the rest of the process runs smoothly.

And now… buying a new house
If you have your house sold by The Real Estate Company, you may also want us to assist you in buying a house in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam or the surrounding area. That can be quite difficult at this time. With a purchase realtor you will find your dream home faster and you will pay the amount that the property is worthy of. You can read exactly how that works here.