Home valuation Point System calculation

Most homeowners are well aware of the regulations surrounding the Home Valuation System. However, there are often still uncertainties, especially with regards to the exact number of points that a property is worth and whether it is mandatory to apply for a housing permit.

The points system shows the quality of the rental property in points. The points system is also known as the home valuation system (WWS). Each part of the house, such as surface and sanitary facilities, is awarded points. Added together, the points give a maximum rental price. This is redetermined every year by the Dutch Government.

It is possible to have the point-scoring carried out by The Real Estate Company. We work together with experienced partners who can calculate the points for your home quickly and professionally. Unlike many other parties, we can deliver the score within a week.

With the scoring of your home you are also immediately informed whether applying for a housing permit is mandatory for your property. This is a permit that a new tenant must apply for from the municipality. The municipality uses this permit to assess whether the house matches the income of the tenant. There are high fines for the tenant and the homeowner for failing to apply for a (if required) housing permit.

The energy label is very decisive for the point value. The more sustainable your home is, the higher the valuation. By making small adjustments to your home, such as installing double glazing and solar panels, the valuation of your energy label will increase and you can therefore also ask for more rent. The Real Estate Company also provides renovations to improve your home in terms of sustainability. Read more about the possibilities here.

From January 2022, your home is not allowed to be published if you do not provide an energy label at the start of the sale. Do you not have the energy label yet? The Real Estate Company is happy to help you apply for an energy label for your home. We work together with certified energy advisors who work professionally and swiftly. Read here for more information.