The Real Estate Company is your real purchase realtor!

Finding your dream home in this day and age is no easy task. When buying a house, The Real Estate Company is the best partner. The Real Estate Company proactively knows how to bring the best parties together. We mediate extremely accurately and with personal care for the desired result. We are very experienced purchase realtors who can achieve your goal with knowledge, humor and endless patience. We know the market, know what is for sale (or will be) and we make sure you don't pay too much. As a popular purchase realtor in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, we know the market and it's dynamics. No cure no pay! That's how we do it.

What you can expect from us when purchasing your home:

  • Free consultation at our office
  • Full guidance from the first viewing up to and including the final purchase of your home
  • Keeping informed of the current offer of your housing wishes package
  • Research the legal and architectural aspects
  • Determining a fair market value
  • Explaining and going through the deed of sale
  • Total guidance up to and including the notarial transfer

Step-by-step plan

  1. How do you prefer to live?
    Your home must be perfect. In an introductory meeting, we will find out what is 'perfect' to you. We really get to know each customer and assist and unburden you during this process. Through proactively asking questions, it becomes clear to us what you are really looking for. What is your budget and how would you like to live, where do you want to live and how many rooms do you need? We map it all out and then create a profile for you.
  2. One step ahead
    Even before you have found your dream home, we assess your financial possibilities and look for the best conditions for you. We think along with you in this regard. Monthly payments are important, but the mortgage must also match your future (dreams). We collect documents and complete your file, so that you only need to add a deed of sale and valuation to be able to submit your mortgage application. This saves time and stress when you find your dream home. It makes you more decisive and so more desirable as a contracting party.
  3. Search and view
    Now that we know what you're looking for, let's get started. We have a look in our own database, search within our network and on Funda. If we think we have found a suitable house, we will present this to you and schedule a viewing. Let's view together! We observe with a critical eye, so that you can follow your feelings in complete freedom.
  4. What is the house of your dreams worth?
    We help you with our personal no-nonsense approach. Among other things, our real estate agents point out risks, examine the conditions and advise you about the amount of the offer, so that you can fully focus on whether you will be happy living there.
  5. Offer
    You knew immediately! This is the house of your dreams. We know from experience that this is also the time when your feelings take over. We understand this, but don't get caught up in it. We monitor all your interests. That is, the amount of the bid and the terms of the counter-party. You do not have negotiate yourself. We will arrange that for you.
  6. Purchases
    Hurray! Your offer has been accepted. Keep the champagne cold. We will arrange everything for you. The selling party or the notary draws up the sales agreement. We will, naturally, look over the agreement for you before you sign. Once the agreement has been signed, it's time to uncork the champagne. Congratulations!
  7. Moving
    The time has come, you hold the key to your dream home. We accompany you to the notary for the delivery. Beforehand, we inspect the house together and record the meter readings. We also check whether you have the correct insurance. If there is still work that needs to be done, we are happy to help you. We are happy to help you find the right people for this job.

We help you with the purchase and sale of your home. Does the above appeal to you and do you want to use our services? Nice! We would like to meet you. Here you will find the contact details of our office. By the way, have you seen that we can also sell your current house? Sometimes it can be useful – especially for planning – to outsource everything to one party. Please consider it and read more about the way we market and sell houses.