Renovation services

In addition to furnishing and styling, does your home also need minor or major renovations? The Real Estate Company provides refurbishments and renovations. What does a renovation yield? What are the options for sustainable renovations? Our team is qualified and experienced, and is ready to answer all your questions.

Sustainable renovations are becoming increasingly important these days. Not only is it better for the environment, when selling your house, making it more sustainable is financially interesting. Sustainable homes in particular are more popular and are being sold for higher prices. With an energy-efficient house or an improvement of the energy label after making it more sustainable, lenders often give a discount on the mortgage interest. There are also many subsidies available for solar panels and insulation. We are happy to provide advice on this and carry out the construction work for you.

Do you want to complete the renovation with furnishing and styling? Here you will find more information about the furnishing and styling services we offer. Do you have a renovation in mind and do you want help with financial matters? Read more about our financial services.