Home selling tips

  1. Tidy up your home
    Make sure your home is tidy. Throw away what can be thrown away. Temporarily store your personal items and items that do not matter, for example in the storage room (which can be full). When your home is tidy, it gives a calm feeling. In addition, this provides more space in your home. This also means, for example, that you don't have any rubbish lying around in a corner. Or that you have an open laundry basket with clothes in the bathroom.
  2. Provide a neutral decor
    A personal touch is not bad, but when selling your home it is important that it is neutral. Color is allowed, but not too crazy. Not too many plants. No hobbies that got out of hand. Most people like neutral and sleek but cozy. Make your home smell nice. Not by chemical means but by, for example, a lot of airing. Please note that prospective buyers may be allergic to flowers and pets. The Real Estate Company's sales agent will be happy to advise you on the do's and don'ts.
  3. Overdue maintenance
    Make sure that your home is not only clean and fresh, but that there is also as little overdue maintenance as possible. This seems obvious but this is one of the most important house selling tips. The candidate buyers are critical, for example they look critically at poor paintwork, missing roof tiles, leaking taps and much more. They are also often things that you have become accustomed to. Small problems such as a door that jams, a loose banister, damp spots in the bathroom and, for example, weeds in the garden. A well-maintained home sells better. It is of course the task of our realtor to advise on this.
  4. Free home valuation
    Do you want to know how much your current home is worth? The first step in this is a valuation. This is a non-binding advice about the value of your home. This advice is provided free of charge by The Real Estate Company. After all, we think it is very important to be able to assist you from A to Z. Even though this is a non-binding and free advice, our experts carry out an accurate valuation of your home.