Energy label services

Are you planning on selling or renting out your house? You are then obliged to show a valid energy label.

When you sell your house, you must hand over the details of the energy label to the new owner. Therefore, make sure you have a valid energy label when you put the house up for sale. The label class (A++++ to G) must be mentioned in the advertisements. Potential buyers can already see the energy label during their search and this gives them valuable information about your property. The energy label is an important factor when selling your home. With a higher valuation of the energy label, a higher sales price can be achieved. The energy label is also important if you have plans to rent out your home. A higher label is very decisive for the home valuation system (WWS). The more sustainable your home is, the higher the valuation and the higher the rent is determined.

To improve the energy label, you can think of insulating the roof or installing double glazing. The Real Estate Company also provides big and smaller renovations to improve your home in terms of sustainability. Read more about the possibilities here

From January 2022, it is mandatory to provide an energy label at the start of the sale, otherwise the house may not be published anywhere. Therefore, make sure that you have a valid energy label when the house is put up for house, and register the energy label. The Real Estate Company can assist you with this! We work together with experienced certified energy advisors who are competent and work swiftly. Whether it concerns a townhouse, apartment or studio, we will quickly send an advisor your way! For more information, please contact us.