Furnishing and styling services

Do you have the desire to rent out your property turn-key? We offer furnishing and styling services for the rental and sale of your home. Due to our many years of renting out to expats, among others, we have a lot of experience in furnishing homes. Our homes are furnished in a modern, tasteful and high-end manner. There are several advantages to furnishing your home. You can achieve a higher return when renting out a furnished home. It is also often a requirement for expats that the house they rent is furnished. They often only take their personal belongings with them and then want to enter a turn-key home. By offering a "turn-key" home to your tenants, you can also prevent people with belongings going up and down the house and thus avoid any damage. The Real Estate Company works with its own professional team that is specialized in furnishing and styling properties for rental or selling.

Does your home need minor or major renovations in addition to furnishing and styling? Here you will find all information about the renovation services we offer. It is also possible to have your home renovated in a sustainable and green way. Read more about the benefits of sustainable renovation and the services we offer.